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Remember on September 17th, 2020 at 9 AM EST the Nvidia site went from Notify Me to Out of Stock instantly? Well, they didn't sell any cards. The real reason was that they weren't ready to sell them to us yet. That's right, they turned off their third party storefronts because they were being overloaded with our clicks. They still kept the other cards that use those APIs online, but they removed that one. It was re-enabled at some point for a brief moment, but the same thing happened -- servers overloaded with API requests.

This is where streetmerchant comes in. It doesn't buy anything for you, but it makes it more of a stress free job to refresh and check sites while you go about your daily business. People took off work, missed appointments, and gave up other lively needs in hopes to buy a graphics card. Now we reach beyond graphics cards in hopes for other products!

Please enjoy,


Last update: 2021-02-27